My family and I have had honeybees as a hobby since 1986. Currently our bee yard is located in Cherry Valley, New York. We formed Culinary Hive Products in 2013 and it has allowed my professional skills and passion to be brought together.

The source of our honey comes from naturally surrounding wild flower blooms including basswood, white and sweet clover, thyme, mint, alfalfa, goldenrod, knapweed, thistle, milkweed, plus a little american bamboo, purple loosestrife  and buckwheat to name a few.

The queens we house are bred and raised from local stock; by Mike at Johnston’s Honey Farm. Our hives are naturally maintained. No medications are used on our bees, and we are sure to leave plenty of honey in each hive for the colony to survive long winter months.

Our liquid honey is purposefully harvested in small batches. The bees are gently swept off each frame as it is collected. Then the honey is minimally processed; cold extracted, held raw and unfiltered in a settling tank. After a few days the honey is bottled from the bottom of the tank in to glass jars. This honey starts to become available in July and supply is limited.

Our premier product is uncut comb. We pass this honey along to you straight from the hive just as the bees have packed it. The comb honey is sold on specially made mini frames fresh or offered when ready, with our special designation of being “candied comb”.

Finally, we make a honey product known for it’s exceptional flavor and texture; our Wildflower and Cinnamon spun honey. Welcome and enjoy.

Richard Lercari